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100% natural latex pillows are made from latex sap of rubber trees using a physical process. The process can be divided into 4 main stages, "Collection-Coagulating-heating-Cleaning". The special natural features of natural latx are anti-mite and anti-bacteria.

The latex sap is transferred into coagulation tanks together with sulfur, rubber hardener, anti-oxidant agents and other accelerators. However, these coagulation tanks are filled up accordingly, based on the requirements of different density. These tanks are made of aluminium, set with large amount of needles. Each cover and base of tank contains around 20,000 needles. These needles have two function: to assist in spreading the heat to the middle of latex, as latex foam is not a heat conductor, and to assist in the later drying process through "needle holes". The exterior of tank is sealed with rubber. The rubber sealcontains hollow passage that can flow the glycol, water and other liquids. Latex foam will fill up the tank partially, close up, cool down and vacuum seal the tank. Latex foam will expand in airtight condition; completely fill up the entire tank. At this time, semi-permeable paper gasket will eliminate the inside air and prevent liquid foam to flow into vacuum passage. Following that, the tank will coll down, freeze the foam to around - 30°C and then "harden" the foam using corbon dioxide. at the same time, individual foam will unite with each other. Upon hardening rubber, the temperature of tank will be increassed to 110°C and be maintained for a few minutes. The heat will "harden" or "vulcanize" to provide elasticity to the product. Then, the product will be stripped and washed to eliminate the soap remains. Finally, the product will be dried and tested.