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Your Sleeping Quality

Why Choose our brand

Only the Best from Mother Nature. Superior in essence, only creamy, clean, natural mattresses provide you with total support for ideal pressure relief and proper postural alignment. It is truly a perfect luxurious gift from nature. My Philea Latex utilizes 100% Natural Latex with the following features.

7 Advantage of Natural Latex Foam Mattress

Natural Health

  • Prevent bacteria and dust mites, and relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Support the structure of human body well (integrate naturally with the structure of human body).
  • Great resilience.
  • excellent ventilation.
  • Damp and heat proof.
  • Reduce stress to increase oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
  • Eliminate activities that can distrub sleeping you can sleep comfortably even your partner has sleeping problem.

Bioelectricity Type

The latex mattress does not contain any metal materials. As it can prevent the formation of magnetic fields, it is completely insulated and anti-static. Natural latex’s other special features are natural comfortable and warm. As itdoes not contain any chemical components, it will not cause any chemical reaction when exposed to human body. High technology in natural latex can assure comfortable and healthy sleep. It can help to reduce snoring, ideal for those who suffer from asthma. It is also effective in improving the collar bone and lumbar bone, and reduce blood pressure.

Improve Poor Sleeping Posture

As the latex mattress exposes to human body more than mattresses made from other materials, it can distribute the weight of a man evenly. It also helps to improve poor sleeping posture. Moreover, other advantages of latex mattress are no noise and no vibration. This will ensure physical comfort and quality of sleeping.